Minsk, Belarus

MobiCoDe / Mobile Conference for Developers

MobiCode is an international technical mobile development conference in Belarus!

Target Audience – mobile developers (iOS, Android, cross-platform development) of Senior and Middle levels.

Speakers – experts from Europe, USA and CIS. Real firsthand experience.

For whom: for serious developers who are interested in modern technology of mobile development. For project managers and executives of major IT companies as well as small start-ups and mobile development studios.

The Conference talks will be strictly applied and technical.
You will find everything that we know and cherish:

  • technologies of current interest;
  • developer’s musthave;
  • the fastest and most convenient ways of development;
  • inspiring experience of those whose applications are being downloaded by millions.

We’ll discuss in details the latest news, trends in the work on iOS / Android / cross-platform and will talk about how experienced developers solve pressing problems.

We’ll fully focus on net practice. No chattering about mobile applications promotion, marketing, talks about agile methodologies, scrums, kanbans, clouds, business models and ways of people management. No smoothies, only technical talks, only hardcore!

We’ll talk about how to make a quality product! Follow the news and join us!

Conference topics

  • Clean Architecture: real examples
  • Mobile Security & security vulnerabilities
  • Xamarin
  • Cross-platform / hybrid vs native mobile app dev: current state and future projections
  • Performance
  • User interface
  • Mobile QA

Conference programm


Welcome speech from the organizers

Securing Mobile Applications

Mobile platform on ReactNative

Coffee Break

Quality. Android quality

Xamarin.vNext: life after Microsoft


Android High Performance

in English

Non-standard layout for standard components of iOS

Modular Android UI

in English

Coffee Break

Panel discussion on the future of mobile development

Conference closing

Afterparty in Korpus8


Welcome speech from the organizers

Workshop: «Hands on Implementation of Clean Architecture for Android Apps»

in English


SOA in iOS development

Clean Android: Building Great Mobile Apps

in English

Divide and conquer: CQRS in iOS

Coffee Break

Panel discussion on the future of mobile development

Conference closing

Afterparty in Korpus8


Welcome speech from the organizers

Testing mobile applications traffic: cases and tools

Subscriptions in iOS и Android apps

Coffee Break

How to make automated test bots play games?


AB Testing

in English

Maslow’s Pyramid of Android Testing

Xamarin: Testing on the Dark Path of Force

Coffee Break

Panel discussion on the future of mobile development

Conference closing

Afterparty in Korpus8


Talk: «Android High Performance»
Performant applications are one of the key drivers

Talk: «Modular Android UI»
Building complex UIs on Android is difficult enough

Talk: «Maslow's Pyramid of Android Testing»
You all know what tests are.

Oleksandr Tolstykh


Talk: «Quality. Android quality.»
Working at multiproject company I am experiencing with

Talk: «Testing mobile applications traffic: cases and tools»
If you don't find

Talk: «Mobile platform on ReactNative»
I’d like to show dear attendances the

Filipp Keks


Talk: «How to make automated test bots play games?»
Your little mobile

Talk: «AB Testing»
AB Testing used to be complex experiments only companies

Talk: «Clean Android: Building Great Mobile Apps»
Presentation on how to create

Andrey Belenko

Czech Republic

Talk: «Securing Mobile Applications»
Securing mobile applications and user data is no

Vasyl Slyvka


Talk: «Xamarin: Testing on the Dark Path of Force»
Peace is a

Talk: «SOA in iOS development»
Thinking about architecture many of us focus

Alex Zimin


Talk: «Non-standard layout for standard components of iOS»
The report will be

Talk: «Divide and conquer: CQRS in iOS»
It's not a trivial thing

Talk: «Xamarin.vNext: life after Microsoft»
Xamarin - is a crossplatform tool for

Talk: «Subscriptions in iOS и Android apps»
Each year Apple and Google

jorgeJorge D. Ortiz Fuentes

Jorge is a freelance dedicated to mobile development, security, and systems architecture. As a developer he started to work for the M.I.T. in 1993 and since he has collaborated in many software projects. Most of them were internally for HP where he worked for more than 15 years. Since 2008 he has been working in different aspects of mobile development. After playing with PalmOS, he learned Android programming for the first Google App contest and immediately started to play with the first iPhone SDK. He often participates as instructor in the best iOS and Android Bootcamps in U.S.A. and Europe. He has recently founded Canonical Examples to help other developers to take a step forward and become senior developers in a very demanding market.

Workshop: «Hands on Implementation of Clean Architecture for Android Apps»

During the workshop we will implement together one user story from scratch for a new Android application. The code will be written in Java, but we will also talk about implementation details in other languages, like Kotlin. Distribution of the contents and scope may vary slightly in order to maximize the understanding of the bases.

  • Clean Architecture Concepts
    Brief introduction in order to understand the pieces of the architecture and their implementation in Android.
  • Implementation of the Interactor
    Implement the first user story: show a list of data elements to the user. Define the first version of the immutable entities and transform them into immutable objects with the data to display.
  • Implementation of the Presenter/event handler
    Creation of the presenter that will talk to the view and present the data.
  • Implementation of the View
    How to make a dumb, but still useful view./li>
  • A basic implementation of the entity gateway
    Defer the decision of the persistence framework for later. Implement the minimum functionality in a basic object. Implications of the repository pattern.
  • Connect the pieces and make it all work
    Understand the way the pieces are interconnected and its memory management implications. Implement the required object and make it work.
  • Proper connections. Writing a reusable way to connect the pieces and navigate.
  • Review, Questions & Answers.

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Highload Development Conference

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Renaissance Minsk Hotel

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